Raw Cacao Paste (Chunks)

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Full Cacao bean crushed down into a paste that is sun-dried and hardened into chunks. You can utilize this in your favourite drinks, topically as a body butter or in healthy treats!

The Criollo variety of cacao beans are an ancient strain that is a native-born heirloom species. Our cacao comes from the high-elevation volcanic soils of the Arriba Nacional forests of Ecuador. The Criollo variety is considered worldwide to have the finest full floral aroma and flavour profile. It holds a deliciously slightly bitter taste & is classified as a fermented food. Our Cacao remain un-roasted – just sun-dried.


Certified Fair Trade, Organic, and 100% Arriba Criollo Cacao from a farming cooperative supporting the livelihood of over 3000 small and sustainable growers.