LADDER OF ASCENSION 1 day workshop with Shelly Szigli

LADDER OF ASCENSION 1 day workshop with Shelly Szigli

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LADDER OF ASCENSION - a 1 day workshop to begin your journey of becoming.

January 30th - Medicine Hat Alberta - Hosted by The Kommon

It is the new year and Shelly couldn’t be more excited to share with community the first in-person workshop of the year. Ladder of Ascension presented by Earth Warrior Runes is a level one course for women who desire to become the master healer of both self and home. In this 1 day workshop you will learn tools that are both advanced and that has never yet be taught in public before. This whole process of healing and transformation that will be shared with you has been brought through in the past few months as she retreated from the outer world and journeyed deep into my own connection with the intention of bringing forth the healing of our future that is in part inspired by the ancient civilizations around the globe.

In our time together the learning you will partake in will include the following:

-Ancestral connection work - bridge the gap between your inner self and your ancestral team that is here to support you on your highest path of service in this lifetime.

-working with the simple yet powerful earth elements in a way that is unique to you and your own healing requirements.

-Understanding energetics and how to both shift, expand, and identify the energy flow in your surroundings in a unique way in which produces powerful results instantly.

-Create your own tools for your healing practice and begin to use them immediately for yourself and family.

8 spots available - 222$ to secure your space. Spots are first come first serve and no exceptions will be made when our group limit is filled.

This workshop is suitable for both the beginner and the advanced. This is one you don't want to miss. I hope that makes sense. Her entire soul mission is around equipping the healers of the future and it starts in the self and home first.

For those who are curious, yes there will be more levels in the future.