Inner City Retreat (Water Fasting, Breath Work + More)

Inner City Retreat (Water Fasting, Breath Work + More)

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This inner city retreat will be hosted in our studio for a full weekend of water fasting, breath work, body movement, spiritual support and more, hosted by Kai Lani from Whole Life Alignment.
Water-Fasting, paired with Whole Life Alignment’s principles & Quantum DNA activations, activates your body’s innate healing & immune system to eliminate any unhealthy cells, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals & radiation, freeing up energy and restoring balance, naturally.
This allows your digestive system, nervous system, adrenal & immune system to reset & restore optimum function, bringing balance & harmony to your whole Being.
By day 4, most people feel more vital, clear & connected to their body than they have ever experienced before.

Fasting, by its very nature, is the putting-off of the physical in order to tap into higher realms of meaning.

15 Superhuman Benefits Of Fasting

Almost Everyone can benefit from water fasting. Either you are seeking for a periodic, or you suffer from different conditions; obesity, chronic disease, autoimmune disorders, food addictions, digestive disorders, mental and physical exhausted, or wish to enhance your personal & spiritual connection.
There is almost nothing that it won’t help says, Dr. Lodi!
Endless benefits of water fasting;

 *   Improves Body Composition and Fitness
 *   Promotes Greater Satiety
 *   Boosts Your Metabolism
 *   Supports Fat Loss and Ketosis
 *   Encourages Better Insulin Sensitivity
 *   Improves Cardiovascular Health
 *   Lowers Blood Pressure Decreases Blood Sugar
 *   Improves Blood Triglycerides
 *   Promotes Heart Health
 *   May Slow Aging and Enhance Longevity
 *   Decreases Inflammation
 *   Increases Resistance to Oxidative Stress
 *   Improves Cell Recycling
 *   Increases Growth Regulation
 *   Protects Your Brain
 *   Reduces Harmful Protein Production
 *   Promotes a Healthy Stress Response
 *   Supports Healthier Collagen in Skin

Many cultures/religions include some fasting. The main reason for fasting is the same in all of these beliefs: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing; resetting. Fasting is nature’s way of allowing your body to heal itself, and that rest is essential to the success of the process.
When you stop eating (start fasting) all the energy that has been used to gain energy from food is now being used for flushing toxins out of the system and boost the natural healing mechanism of the body.
It is, in my educated opinion, & experience, the most natural way to reset all systems in the body, improve intestinal health, & when paired with adequate rest, meditation, mindful movement, Whole Life Alignment Simple techniques, principles, & practices, including Quantum DNA activations, is the most wonderful self care to periodically incorporate into a healthy holistic lifestyle.