Cocoloco Coconut Oil (Raw + LRG)

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Certified Organic + Fair Trade

Country of Origin: Thailand,

Creme de la Creme Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature fresh coconuts. It is considered Virgin coconut oil which means it is made from the first pressing of fresh, raw coconuts, without the addition of any chemicals. This pure-white, creamy natural product is just pure goodness! No bleaching, hydrogenation, nor deodorization.

Common Use

Coconut oil is extremely versatile. As it can be heated to high temperatures it is ideally suited for frying and baking and adds a fine, exotic note to dishes. Coconut oil generally acquires a stronger coconut flavor as it is exposed to more heat, whereas raw, unrefined coconut oil has a very mild flavor and scent. This explains the wide range of applications of raw coconut oil in skin-, hair-, and dental care.

Due to it's high saturated fat content, coconut oil is slow to oxidize which cancels out it's ability to go bad. It can be kept at room temperature but for longterm storage, it can be refrigerated or frozen