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Join us Feb 12th 630-830 for Somatic Breathwork.

Somatic experiencing and somatic experiencing therapy, somatic therapy incorporates the mind, body, and spirit into therapeutic healing work. ... This therapy aims to help release how a physical body holds on to stress, tension, and trauma, rather than only resolving problems verbally. 

Conscious Integrative Breathwork is both a psycho-emotional therapeutic practice and an opportunity to deeply explore and glean insight from non-ordinary states of consciousness through the body. 

Since the beginning of time, expanded states of consciousness were used by seekers to find answers for the existential and meaningful questions of life.

Being skillfully guided in a Safe, Trauma-informed Container, Somatic Experiencing & Integrative Breathwork involves exploring the deeper origins of stress, patterns that determine mental-emotional health, the nervous system development & trauma; right back to conception, birth, ancestral origins, and beyond.

What are the benefits of Nūma Therapeutic Integrative Breathwork and Somatics sessions?

While the benefits vary from person to person and from session to session, in general the benefits of receiving a session include:

* Deep relaxation of body and mind

* Detoxification, restoration, and oxygenation of the cells

* Improved respiratory functioning

* An increased sense of and capacity for aliveness and pleasure

* Recognition and resolution of self-limiting beliefs

* Resolution of suppressed and repressed emotions

* Reduced stress and increased inner peace 

* Development of new resources to engage life more stably and fully

* Increased self-love, acceptance, compassion, joy, and trust

* Deepening mental clarity, insight, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth 💫🙌🏽💫

**No previous experience required**

**We ask that participants new or newer to Breathwork arrive at 6:15 pm, to settle in & receive additional technique instructions**

Please have the following items ready:
- Pillow
- Blanket &/or Something comfortable to lie on for about 75 minutes
- Water bottle &/or herbal tea

-Journal & Pen 

Experience the energy you can have & what you can accomplish, when your Body, Soul & Mind, are aligned, balanced & harmonized.

Experience & Maintain Results, via 
Whole Life Alignment, with KaiLani of
Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions & Conscious Creations.
Your highest best & fulfillment await!!!