Meet Meghan


Meghan is full of ideas on many topics, art forms, and businesses. She pays attention to what is happening in the world, and has a keen sense of intuition. As a forward moving millennial she focuses on  the social, economic and political ramblings of our world. Meghan provides valuable insight for anyone who is looking to grow both personally & professional. Meghan shares from a open, grounded perspective based upon her vast life and professional experiences.

Meghan has a strong written and verbal communication skills. She has studied all forms of writing at university level, having read many books in all genres, and continuing to write she offers assistance with sentence structure and grammar. She can help you find your written voice, proof-read your essays, and help you explore ideas in a more articulate way.

Meghan is multifaceted in her offerings, whether it be writing content for your social media or webpage to help you tell the stories you need through various forms and mediums.

Meghan believes that all the issues in our lives are, at the root, are a source of spiritual unrest; whether it’s a physical illness, life situation, or mental health issue, conflict within ourselves will always cause a disharmony in the world we create. Working with her can bring an inner peace and strength & provide pointers that lead you to meeting the right people.

She will be able to offer you insight about your feelings and help you become aware of what is motivating you in your life, as well as find ways that help you grow into the best version of you. Its time to step into the best version of you.

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