Meet Linda

Meet a founding member of our team - Lovely Mrs. Linda Sorensen 💛🧡.

Have you had an opportunity to meet her in house yet?

Linda is one of the foundational pieces of our team. She is always hard at work in the back end, humbly helping to hold things together, taking care of finances + books, orders & more. This lovely face does all the packaging + bagging for our Mutha Earth nutrition line🍄🌿.

Linda's approach is to keep it real & simple. This entails staying connected with the natural world, eating whole REAL foods that are nutrient rich & consciously sourced, managing stress appropriately & mixing that with a lot of love & TRUST in yourself. Trusting in your bodies innate wisdom + loving yourself deeper will yield you the results you desire. Her keen ability to say it like it is comes as a refreshing + empowering conversation that reminds you that you are an active role in the game of life & you have the power to co-create the world you want to live in⚒🌍.

We are seriously so blessed by her wisdom, perspective + sense of humour. She is pretty much the eye of the storm, a voice of reason at all times 😁🌪.

She is living proof to the result of good health practices. She has been using superfoods and holistic approaches her entire life & it shows! I mean really, isn't she just majestic? 🦄.

Come by and connect with her sometime!🗣👂💡🧠💭.