Meet KatJaak Moon

Kat Moon is a solution orientated millennial mentor + medicine maker who's mission is to empower, educate & create a more sustainable, healthier, happier world. Working with Kat offers you a blueprint to bridge your vision into form with actionable steps.
 Her personalized mentorship style provides a direct path for those seeking to attain more clarity, creativity & confidence in all areas. Her empowering teachings + offerings have been used by many to significantly upgrade their lives on all levels.
Moon’s Holistic approach is aimed at understanding yourself on profound levels (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually through different practices and ideas. If you are ready to break limiting, self sabotaging patterns, deepen self-care, transform & live as an art then she is the right gal for you. With several years dedicated to understanding medicine, nutrition + the natural world, mental health, self expression, community & the bodies incredible ability to perform regeneration, her work appeals to those who are ready to stop living out patterns that are no longer serving them.
If you wish to tap into your balanced radiant state of health + authentic creative potential book a discovery call with her today. It's time to get into the drivers seat of your life, take action & be the change the world needs
(((as the true conscious co-creator that you are))).
Registered Holistic Practitioner (RHP)
Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach (HHC)
Founded in 2017