Creative Space/ Social Hub

Art is an integral aspect in living a healthy, well rounded, and meaningful life:  this is why we have made it a major element in our space at The Kommon. Art is good for the heart, the head and the soul.  You can find the Artist Hub + Mastermind Hive room downstairs.  The Hive is a place to get your creative on!  We have several tables, easels, a chalk board and a whole room lined with bulletin board. We also have tons of free resources to utilize and a storage room where you can keep your projects and your supplies safely if needed.

Our art hub offers a conscious + creative container to come expand your knowledge + skills. 

We also offer several pop-up workshops and classes that are designed to offer you new skills, growth & pure enjoyment. By participating, you will have fun & also gain a sense of KOMMUNITY. These unique, hands on experiences, will truly provide you with tips + tricks on how to live more healthy, sustainable & creative lives.

Check with our schedule to see what we have going on this month! 



Rent our space for $15.00 (60 minutes).


"The Soul Hub" is a regularly occurring Local, Live Art Auction! This bi-monthly event entails an evening of local artists who make art on location through various mediums of creation. Once the creating period is over, the art will go up for auction. The whole event is streamed & bids will be accepted online as well as in-person. Delicious + Nutritious Food + Drinks are available - both Alcoholic + Non Alcoholic Beverages. This free event is perfect for connecting + collaborating!