Brew Babe Coffee Blend (with Raw Coconut Sugar)

Brew Babe Coffee Blend (with Raw Coconut Sugar)

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This ain’t your average cup of Joe – this is NEXT LEVEL Coffee love: Brew Babe is an already pre-mixed, nourishing blend that is easy to use. All you’ve got to do is add hot water or milk. If you want to take that up a notch try adding a healthy fat like coconut oil, cacao butter or Ghee! This is our SUGARED Brew Babe (Raw, Organic Coconut Sugar).

  • It dissolves easily into hot or cold liquids
  • Organic Shade grown instant coffee without any weird jitteriness
  • Packed with superfoods 
  • Tastes delicious without compromising the nutritional density 

Toss 2 tsp of this powder in Hot water, steamed milk of choice or into some oatmeal daily!


      Store in a cool dry location with zip lock securely closed.


      Organic Instant Coffee, Raw Criolla Cacao, Maca, Mesquite, Lucuma, Lions Mane (fruiting bodies, steam extract), Chaga (fruiting bodies, steam extracted), Raw Coconut Sugar