Collection: Friday Feast

We offer a delicious and nutritious meal delivered to your doorstep every Friday.
Our meals are designed stay fresh for 3-5 days so you can easily reheat them at your own convenience.  Our ingredients are sourced with many locally grown produce, and only use high quality ingredients that are prepared by our chef, Meghan.

We offer both a vegetarian or protein option for meals.
Meals arrive pre-cooked but will require reheating.


Nov 13th, 2020 Menu:

 Stuffed sweet potato fajitas! All of the deliciousness of a fajita, stuffed in a sweet potato! Fried veggies with fajita spices, seasoned chicken (or vegetarian).

Comes with a side of tortilla chips with cilantro sauce & salsa verde, a sweet corn and bean salad, and Pan de Meurto for dessert!  

Nov 20, 2020 Menu:

Southwest Chickpea Veggie Burgers, Goddess Salad, Caramel & Apple Cake

Southwest style chickpea and lions mane veggie burger with guacamole, alfalfa sprouts and chipotle aioli. Comes with a side of our goddess salad with Jicama, apple, cucumber, feta, topped with an avocado green goddess dressing. For dessert we have a decedent sea salted caramel and apple cake! 

Nov 27, 2020 Menu:

Fried Stuffing Croquettes served with steamed broccoli & cheddar cheese sauce and a side of kale salad with organic dried cherries, goats cheese, roasted hazelnuts and honey-lime vinaigrette.

Dessert - Pumpkin chai shortbread squares

Dec 4, 2020 Menu:

 Vegan Donairs with Fattoush and Pistachio & Rose Halva 

Vegan donairs made with homemade seitan, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and vegan sweet sauce, with a side of fattoush!

Dessert: Pistachio and Rose Halva 


* We can cater our meals specifically to your dietary needs upon request. 

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